Deliveries and logistics

Reliable wharehouse protection with access control technology can be implemented through broadband readers that can be integrated with additional  CCTV , alarm systems and fire alarm systems. Access control system HEZID can manage a large number of employees working in different shifts. Access control systems are grouped by function:

Registration systems identify passers-by and pass through time through a given control point (control point) without restricting entry or exit through the appropriate point. They can record delays or premature exits of staff, ie. they serve and control the organization of labor processes.

Access systems do not register but identify and allow only those entitled to enter and exit objects, sub-sites or their premises. These actions are performed automatically, without the need for an employee or security guard to intervene, the human factor is ignored.

Control systems shall identify, permit, register and archive the passage of persons and objects having access. These functions are performed automatically, but it is possible to have live security on some entry-exit points. In this case, they have non-intrusive, but control and general-purpose functions.